The Real

Student, Child of God, baller. Anything is possible if you believe... work hard and anything can be achieved.. I love the game of basketball its my life it means the world to me. Hard worker and take pride in my success. My family means the world to me and I thank them for everything they have done and continue to do for me.

"Cant be too safe, cause niggas is two faced"
- Jay-Z

One of the best rap verses ever..

One for the money
Two for pussy and foreign cars
Three for Alize niggas deceased or behind bars
I rap divine Gods check the prognosis, is it real or showbiz?
My window faces shootouts, drug overdoses
Live amongst no roses, only the drama, for real
A nickel-plate is my fate, my medicine is the ganja
Here’s my basis, my razor embraces, many faces
Your telephone blowing, black stitches or fat shoelaces
Peoples are petrol, dramatic automatic four-four I let blow
and back down po-po when I’m vexed so
my pen taps the paper then my brain’s blank
I see dark streets, hustling brothers who keep the same rank
Pumping for something, some uprise, plus some fail
Judges hanging niggas, uncorrect bails, for direct sales
My intellect prevails from a hanging cross with nails
I reinforce the frail, with lyrics that’s real
Word to Christ, a disciple of streets, trifle on beats
I decipher prophecies through a mic and say peace.
I hung around the older crews while they sling smack to dingbats
They spoke of Fat Cat, that nigga’s name made bell rings, black
Some fiends scream, about Supreme Team, a Jamaica Queens thing
Uptown was Alpo, son, heard he was kingpin, yo
Fuck “rap is real”, watch the herbs stand still
Never talking to snakes ‘cause the words of man kill
True in the game, as long as blood is blue in my veins
I pour my Heineken brew to my deceased crew on memory lane



Sitting lambing with my Jamaican’s

Discussing how niggas faking 

But we devising plots to start caking

They say time is money 

We waiting for a payoff for our patience

In my heart for the youth I feel a great deal of hatred

Too many niggas familiar with prisons and police stations

Im not sure how my heart managed 

Through all the stress and damage, I thank God cause I could’ve never planned it

Is it cause I tend to perform when others start to panic?

I guess I should know that’s my main advantage

I asked God from my life could the fakes get banished

I was hurt when people I considered family started to vanish

Thats why I lay back in my hammock


How to reverse the fate of the situation I’m facing 

Failure at times make me so complacent 

At times I spit brilliance and millions see the traces

Of a mastermind thats inclined to spit rhymes

That are designed to move one man at a time

Shit I use to feel fear

That people wouldnt feel my shit thats breaching through they ears

I would listen to Nasir, wonder how I could compare

or shit even compete 

But the sounds of the beat makes my genius start to creep real deep

Now I’m in the position 

To take the mic and rip it

Get wicked

Blut blowing nigga

Middle finger flippin

Some may see me and say “oh he’s so ignorant”

But thats my message to those saying I’d end up dead or in prison

Still living

In my life I try to maintain structure 

But it becomes tougher with these wild motherfuckers 

Thats why I stay in my lair

Homie pull up a chair

We can relax right here and blow the smoke in the air

Let the good vibes blare

Like we bumping ‘Kast 

Let the melodies soothe as we high off the hash

We both got a past

But i won’t let mine define

Cause how can I move forward, if I’m too busy looking behind..?

Lord Knows

So much on my mind

lord give me a sign

will i be fine?

is all of this by your design?

Certain things I try to refine, but I seem to fall behind

maybe I should just recline

let it all heal with time

hurt can cripple your heart and leave you deaf, dumb and blind

wish i could rewind

so many thoughts I have as I construct these lines

I meditate in my shrine

thinking about the steady climb

feels like when my happiness is highest something pushes it to decline everytime

Is it a crime, to give my all for something that is mine? 

But was it ever mine to claim?

This overthinking puts the biggest toll on my brain

Im feeling strange

Wonder if I’m still sane

caught up in this fuckin game

where the superstars are fear, anger and pain 

and they make sure you refrain from happiness being what you claim

what a shame 

tryna escape the monsters fangs

high off the chronic, drunk off the fame

who’s to blame?

I lay down at night prepared to rest,

and thats when the deepest thoughts crept

shits a mess

trying my best to fight off this stress on my quest to become the worlds best

Brothers say I’m depressed

Homie I’m just a man

I may not change the world, but i wanna inspire someone that can

Thats the plan

but from the public i feel so distant

simply wishing that I wasn’t in this position

nah listen

I know I’m too blessed to be stressed

as some stare down, betrayal, murder and death

I just take my next step 

I hope I reach your mind

and hopefully touch your spirit

and maybe in your heart one day ill make an appearance 

Lord knows Im just waiting

waiting on my moment

but when the wait gets so long you start to lose focus…


I feel so numb from my toes to my thumbs, I pray to God this isn’t done or the end of a great run. pain I feel a ton, some niggas claim I’m sprung, proclaim that I’m dumb, my heart beating like a drum, hear the screams from my lungs. I don’t know where I’m headed. my heart completely shredded. they say pains a small thing to a giant me and my niggas start an alliance ship it out to the suppliers and off it to the buyers, niggas ice be creamy like they was inked in with bryers, hello sire welcome to my empire I wanna roll with you till the wheels fall off haters catch the dust off my tires. I’m sorry that’s the only way I can state it, I wanna do this together, I know we can make it


this is a message im sendin thru the speakers

hope its reachin all the peoples beepers

from the pimps to the preachers

to them fans up in the bleachers

this just aint music the meaning much deeper

shoutout to my teachers who would speak of life and all its features

my words, from the nouns to the verbs

hopefully put me on a surge to the top of the world

me and you girl

lace you in diamonds and pearls

thats my dream, i want nothing to hinder my vision

but id rather have dark thoughts of you than be entertained by other women

no pretending, for the longest i was fending off these feelings i was concealin

it was gettin hard dealin

should i feel resentment because at times i get tempted 

this aint my confessions, simply just venting 

so i jet to the event with

my niggas and the bitches start pressin asking all types of questions, boobs hanging all out they chest and i can help to glance at the breasts and they ask me am i flexing

they wanna start undressin, askin can we cruise in the lexus

hit the backseat and proceed to sexin 

now you back home strssin

please no fretting 

ill come thru ya door, throw you on the floor 

have you screaming “more” “oh baby” or encore 

baby close the door, i dont want no complaints

good dick make her faint with a smile on her face 

and my heart feel so strong

spark a blunt, high till dawn

thinkin bout all my rights and wrongs 

and how when they come together it forms into a song

ha what up Yeezus, bow my head down and pray to jesus 

dont walk on water, my toes grace the LA beaches 

we gettin high to balance out these daily lows, yes we gettin even

you everything i was dreamin, my princess, my baby and my diva 

hot weathered sex on the beaches, tellin me go deeper 

nails leavin pinstripes down my back as im runnin these bases, my idol was never jeter 

you beg me can we head to the crib

get drunk and forget what we did, so we hop in the whip and cross the bridge 

and you point to the sky and say look at the stars

i reply “no need i got one in my arms”



you home alone i wanna give it to you like you deserve, just say the word and the sexual sensation can occur, ill blur out all those slurs from those that tryna hurt you, i just wanna get them clothes off baby girl and work you, work you? fuck that unemployment maximum pleasure, maximum enjoyment… top or bottom its never an issue or problem and if there ever is i got a problem solver my revolver, it can involve ya.. never shooting blanks.. so you dont ever gotta worry, we can lay back and cuddle, gaze at the stars, well at least you can because mine is in my arms..


this chick sending slander to these bammas thru the loud speaker, reaching the preacher and his henchmens beepers, so now i hide behind the bleachers, peaking, but im blinded by the sunrays, some niggas talk coke, some niggas talk gunplay, i talk about life and the way i live it, on your knees is the most powerful position, which is ironic because if you a hoe, thats something youd recognize and often know, im not talkin giving dudes a blow tho im talking about prayer to the heavens, from the passengers on 9/11 to the nearest reverend, weve all been touched one way or another.. by the lord himself or even by ya older brother, memories stir up, like that crack niggas bubble, not a mobster or a monster just tryna avoid trouble for those they loving„ cuz truth be told we all wanna provide for the ones that got our hearts captured.. ive been working so hard, wish success would come faster